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Paul Strutt
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Welcome to OMG Events

Only Magfed Games was started in 2016 by Paul Strutt and Benny Pettifer. Keen supporters of Magfed Paintball, they felt an event company was the best way to grow interest, bring players together and play the type of paintball they wanted to play. When asked why they started and not someone else, Paul says, “Because no one else wanted to do it.”

Since the company’s inauguration OMG has quickly become a trusted and proven paintball event organiser in Europe offering a fresh innovative approach. Events regularly attract a good turnout, often selling out before the event. This is testimony to OMG’s formula for organising great games at great locations in the UK and abroad.

This is Magfed Paintball

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What People Say

  • positive review  Absolutely amazing! You can seriously tell that a lot of time, effort and organising goes into each event! The staff are super friendly, always down for a laugh and make you feel welcomed! There are no strangers there just friends that are yet to be made ????

    Dru Lucas Avatar Dru Lucas

    positive review  Best mag fed promoter ever. I have been playing for almost 3 years with them in different places ( french WW1 Fort, sweden Coal Mine). They make the game live : Non player Characters, objectives. they are promoting not only paintball but also players and Factions. And of course, i don't forget the Marshalls : they are the best in the known World

    Petro Vitch Avatar Petro Vitch

    positive review  Fantastic Magfed events at amazing locations around the UK and abroad. Prior to the event alot of time goes into finding places to play and preparing for the event. It shows in the quality of the events????

    Richard Widenbar Avatar Richard Widenbar
  • positive review  Great day out, well organised event.

    Eddie Tankard Avatar Eddie Tankard

    positive review  A Good organiser with a lot of different venues for their special magfed games. If you wan´t a special game - book at omg!

    Miroslav Milicevic Avatar Miroslav Milicevic

    positive review  Been playing paintball for 4 years. travelled all over the UK and I've never seen anything as good as OMG. aside from the events themselfs the staff are super friendly and always go around making sure if everyone is having a good time and having a good chat. how it's presented tho is another factor, before they start the game everyone is debriefed and it genuinely feel like we're about to head into war! amazing back stories, tones of technical game modes and the night games are bloody fantastic! Another big point is they respect the sites they book as they spend hours and hours ensuring the area is cleaned and some players stay behind and help out aswell purely because of the amount of effort they put into the events, how friendly they are etc. Can't recomend them enough

    Chris Barrett Avatar Chris Barrett
  • positive review  I have played at a lot of OMG events over the last few years and would highly recommend you give them a try, if you play COD or Rainbow Siege then these are the events for you, you can play CQB or snipe from the back there is always something for everyone. The sites we played at are some of the best military sites in the U.K. A lot of teams play at these events and they are all friendly and willing to give help and advise if you need it.

    Neil Kilburn Avatar Neil Kilburn

    positive review  I've played a couple of these events with my son and had a great experience each time. Great mixture of a bit of camping, adventure, action, adrenaline and of course paintball with a variety of gameplay that's obviously well thought out in cool locations with a super friendly bunch that are similarly appreciative. What's not to love

    Tin Wilcock Avatar Tin Wilcock

    positive review  Paul Strutt and the OMG team are extremely good at putting on fully immersive games with in game characters to mingle and throw spanners in the works for some players!! Lots of missions and objectives to take part in and also if you want to jus find a good sniping spot and sit back and wait for the enemy to make their move first it covers all players play styles. I personally enjoy getting right in behind enemy lines for the ultimate rush!!!

    Alex Brooks Avatar Alex Brooks